The Business of Expertise

I loved The Business of Expertise How Entrepreneurial Experts Convert Insight to Impact + Wealth. Author, David Baker is brilliant. The content of this book will make you stop to question your brand's positioning as you strive for expertise. As Baker points out, "If you are positioned well, then they find very few substitutes."

The Business of Expertise contains plenty of wisdom and actionable steps you can take to becoming a true expert. He also includes important advice about self-confidence and self-improvement.

Here are some takeaways directly from the book. I highly recommend you pick up a copy for much more wisdom, context, and steps for you to achieve expertise in your space.

25 Takeaways from The Business of Expertise

  1. Personal relationships are not about giving in order to get.

  2. Good positioning makes you non-interachangable.

  3. If you are positioned well, then they find very few substitutes.

  4. Expertise blends knowledge with self-awareness of that knowledge.

  5. You need to earn your positioning.

  6. We gravitate to where we excel.

  7. Clients are drawn to confidence.

  8. If I find a much lower price than I would expect, I know that they don’t have much confidence.

  9. Confidence also comes when we say “no”.

  10. You should always have a list with getting to “know” topics on it.

  11. People don’t die “doing what they love” unless they love dying.

  12. Just doing what you love and making no money does nobody any favors.

  13. Just because you are good at something, even enjoy it, doesn’t mean that you are good at making money doing it.

  14. Make expertise the addiction.

  15. Money is the currency of respect, and the customer of an expert treats the advice more seriously if it comes with a hefty bill.

  16. Consultants who interview employees at client engagements look brilliant early in the process.

  17. Without strong positioning and the opportunity that stems from effectively applied lead generations, you are stuck with whatever opportunities fall in your lap instead of making your own success.

  18. Don’t add additional goals to your life until you decide which ones you’re going to drop. There is as much power in stopping something as there is in starting.

  19. Ask yourself “Okay. What is my role in the world?” - ask often.

  20. The only two kinds of experts who aren’t generally busy are new to the game or are incompetent.

  21. Choose between vertical and horizontal positioning.

  22. A great client may bring you new clients through career changes.

  23. Positioning is public and must be declared.

  24. Clients want to work with experts in demand.

  25. You’ll never get discovered and followed unless you’re an expert, but you’ll never be a good expert unless you’re grounded.

Pick up a copy of The Business of Expertise today to dive into the takeaways I shared above.