Hi, I’m Dave Delaney.

Photo by Ron Manville.

Photo by Ron Manville.

Do you want to improve your company culture? The secret is to focus on your communication.

When Google needs to communicate their products and services they use me. When LinkedIn wanted to promote how to use their platform for professional networking they chose me as their speaker. See each review below.

Companies with stellar communication know the benefits this has on culture. If you want to improve employee morale and reduce turnover, avoid costly errors, discover new opportunities and innovate, and have a brilliant culture, I’m your guy.

I teach fast-growing companies how to empower and retain their people with my presentations and workshops.

You are here because you want to build a powerful, united team that flourishes. You are ready to stop employee churn in its tracks. You want to create a culture where every team member communicates effectively and networks nicely. I will show you how.

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Dave is the Real Deal! His approach and knowledge made the time and investment pay off immediately. Yes, we give Dave as many “Thumbs Up” as we possibly can.
— Ginger Hardage, Former SVP of Culture and Communications at Southwest.
...people love his workshop facilitation. He knows his stuff (especially social). If you have an opportunity to work together, it will be worth it.
— Anastasia Kudrez , Speaker Manager and Lead Educator for Grow with Google.
Dave blew me away (as well as the audience). His engaging personality and ability to connect with his listeners made him an amazing speaker.
— Renee McAllister - LinkedIn Inc.

The Communication Mastery Workshops

Discover how to connect and retain a powerful team. Each department of your business will benefit from The Communication Mastery workshops. Marketing becomes more creative. Sales teams become more confident and listen more intently. Customer Service becomes faster at providing solutions. Management learns to say, “Yes, and…” instead of “Heck, no!”