“Dave instantly pulled our team out of our collective shell. We were laughing and communicating like never before. Loved it!”

Are you a fast-growing advertising or PR agency experiencing growing pains? I will help you.

Are you worried your sales and customer service teams aren’t listening to your prospects and clients? Let me show them how. 

Are you concerned about losing top talent and having a weak corporate culture? I’ll leave your team inspired and connected like never before. 

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The Communication Mastery workshops are designed to bring your agency together and boost morale. Your staff will get to know one another better and build stronger bonds. They will learn to actively listen to one another and your customers. Best of all, your culture will improve from my educational and fun-filled, half-day workshops. 

Get your team laughing and working together again. Each department will benefit. Marketing becomes more creative. Creative becomes more strategic. Sales teams become more confident and listen more intently. Customer Service becomes faster at providing solutions. Leadership learns to say, “Yes, and…” instead of “Heck, no!” 


Communication Mastery workshops offers teams a chance to let down their hair and work with one another to learn about leading with acceptance, creativity, trust, spontaneity, body language, and public speaking. I will provide your staff with a fun way to take communication fundamentals and apply them to your firm.

The most profitable agencies retain talent, produce top-quality work, and have happy, empowered people.

Great companies have stellar management who lead solid teams. And the best teams know how to listen effectively, overcome creative blocks, and negotiate efficiently, and grow (quickly) together. They are master communicators and collaborators. 

Expect a rejuvenated, energized, happier team when together I teach you Communication Mastery. 


  • to be flexible and accepting by using “Yes, and”

  • to be open to problem solving 

  • to be masters of modern and traditional communication skills

  • to use sales roleplaying to increase revenue

  • to think quickly

  • to listen actively and effectively 

  • to work as a team who practices inclusion and empathy

  • to thrive during change and challenges

  • and most importantly to want to go to the office




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Participant survey results...

What did you think of the workshop?

  • Dave ensured the exercises were educational and fun. Learning takes place by doing, not telling.
  • Dave's interactive exercises provided an opportunity to explore the methods actively instead of just hearing someone explain it or watching a presentation. The tools taught will stick with me much longer through this method.
  • I learned that you have to be patient with your audience.
  • This has helped me in many ways and I have already put it into use.
  • I enjoyed the workshop! I was able to connect with employees that I knew nothing about. We should do more activities throughout the year like this.
  • This was not a boring class & he kept everyone active I loved it.
  • An excellent environment created, the instructor always maintained a positive attitude and cared that everyone was included.
  • Interesting and thought-provoking. This class definitely makes you think on your feet and helps you tap into your creative side.
  • Enjoyed the format of the training. It allowed everyone to stay focused and learn while also having fun.
  • We as a group learned a lot from each other. We laughed! We had fun! We put our thinking caps on to work together. All the exercises we did, we could not complete without the help of each other as a whole. Very interesting.
  • Dave did an excellent job for three hours. We got important tools that while using them along the time they will be internalized and eventually will become part of our culture here in XXXX, improving our work environment, productivity, etc. THANK YOU.
  • Thank you so much for helping me understand another way of listening. Normally when I talk to someone I have my feet in the direction I am going. You have taught me to have my feet pointing at the person and give them my undivided attention. Keep good posture and listen to the person completely before speaking.
  • Great opportunity to work with others that you don't do on a regular basis.
  • I had a lot of fun participating with my coworkers. I enjoyed the session.
  • It was overall fun. The class does bring different departments together.
  • The activities were both educating and fun. It allowed us to learn and connect with people that we work with every day that we otherwise do not know much about. It also helped remind me of the small things that are important when listening to others.
  • I really enjoyed the laid back approach. I am glad that XXXX offered us the opportunity to enhance our communication skills with your vast knowledge.
  • Great workshop - brief but explosive in getting communication flowing in the room!
  • I thought Dave presented the information in a light-hearted, but consistent manner with very good examples to work with.
  • It was much better than setting behind some tables for hours trying to stay awake!
  • His experience in life and some of the places he has been made the class very interesting. he was very patient to make sure we understood.
  • This was a great training session on Communication. It provided good insight on how to be effective when communicating verbally and non-verbally. What I personally gleaned from this was self-awareness, those little things that you may not be aware of when communicating to others. Great instructor. He made it very entertaining and engaging. I love the interaction throughout the training session.

What key lessons did you learn?

  • Listening to others and being patient with others.
  • Noticing others' communication strengths. Gave me some new things to try.
  • Ways to be intentional with communication and techniques to build up instead of critique.
  • Go with the flow as best you can without worrying so much... teaches you to be confident in yourself.
  • We all need to listen to one another.
  • Less focus on one self, importance of cooperation and acceptance in any team activity.
  • Even if you disagree with a colleagues idea, there’s likely some middle ground that is still valuable.
  • Stay loose, you never know what the world is going to throw at you.
  • It reminded me to be more open to what other people are saying.
  • React more openly to others.
  • Better techniques for listening to create mutual understanding.
  • Realizing having a strict plan can sometimes be a problem when things change.
  • Listening, slowing down are important. Making time to let others feel heard.
  • Calming down and taking a couple seconds to gather my thoughts before acting reacting feels longer than it actually is and really helps.
  • 1) It was great to team build 2) Be thoughtful and go the extra mile to try your best to communicate with others.
  • Always think "yes, and”. Active active listening.
  • Listen to what is going on around you.
  • Concentration, eye contact and listening are key components of effective communication.
  • listen and pay attention to your audience.
  • Give undivided attention.
  • Listening is key.
  • To be very attentive when speaking with others.
  • Eye Contact, Body Language, Listen.
  • Listening is essential to being able to communicate effectively.
  • Learning to listen.
  • When rejecting someone else's opinion it's important to be constructive.
  • Listening is Key, Testing Your Understanding, Make sure the individual/individuals are all on one accord. You can tell the story, but it does not mean that that person understands.
  • In order to communicate you need to connect first. For that you can use some tools like look at the eyes, use the right body language, etc.
  • How I can change the direction of a meeting to keep focus.
  • You should listen fully and pay attention to others to see if communication was effective for both people.
  • Eye contact, posture and gestures are all keys to effective communication.
  • Body language
  • Listening and body language are very important in communicating.
  • Good communication can happen anywhere and anytime. It is dependent on us taking the time and caring enough to ensure it occurs.
  • Patience when communicating and to have the other person repeat the request.
  • The person you are communicating with should feel that you're giving undivided attention, making it all about them and showing them that you are listening.

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