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Dave Delaney is the Communication Connoisseur. He is an acclaimed speaker and trainer on the topics of corporate communication and professional networking. His presentations are humorous, educational and engaging for events of all sizes.

Dave has provided keynote presentations for companies, conferences, and organizations like Google, LinkedIn, The UPS Store, HFMA, American Marketing Association, SXSW Interactive, Hubspot Inbound Conference, HealthStream, HCA, and many more.

"Dave blew me away (as well as the audience). His engaging personality and ability to connect with his listeners made him an amazing speaker.”

Renee McAllister - LinkedIn Inc.

"Dave exceeded our expectations… Being a business owner, he was able to empathize with the audience and offer them real tips and advice they can use. His speech was authentic, informative and very well received by our audience."

Nicole (Belt) Cox, The UPS Store.


The Master Communicator's Secret Weapon Dave Delaney.png

The Master Communicator's Secret Weapon

According to the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), every time a company replaces a salaried employee, it costs the business an average of 6 to 9 months’ that salary. This is painful and costly for every stakeholder in your business. 

Today, savvy business leaders are seeking new ways to improve communication and culture in (and out) of the office. That’s where Dave comes in.

In The Master Communicator’s Secret Weapon, Dave Delaney will share three key communication skills that you can use each day to improve your communication with colleagues, clients, friends, and family. You will learn to listen better, not to fear failure, and to accept opportunities with an empathetic, open mind.

Expect plenty of laughs and ah-ha moments during this acclaimed keynote presentation. 

Networking For Nice People Dave Delaney.png

Networking for Nice People

Dave's popular keynote presentation is based on his book, New Business Networking. It includes humorous and inspiring stories to encourage your audience to make new connections during your conference or event. Dave provides attendees with the skills they need to break the ice, remember names, and how to listen effectively. He includes tips for hosting events, and how to use social media to connect before, during, and after your conference.

Your audience will learn how to network effectively. 

When your attendees are networking they have better experiences. Dave will help bring them out of their shells, encourage them to make new connections, and follow-up the right way after your conference.

New relationships born during your conference will always be attributed to you. Happy conference goers become loyal attendees who return each year and tell their friends and colleagues. Networking effectively is a win-win for everyone involved. Dave will teach them how and have fun doing it.


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More Great Presentations Dave Will Deliver

2,500 Miles of Content Marketing Keynote by Dave Delaney

2,500 Miles of Content Marketing

In 2009, Dave embarked on a 2,500 mile road trip in a restored VW bus from Nashville to Las Vegas. The journey included customer meet-ups, media exposure, social media content, and enough photos, videos, and ideas to promote his company, increase brand awareness, and improve customer relationships.

The Worst LinkedIn Profile in the World

The Worst LinkedIn Profile in the World

This hilariously informative presentation introduces the fictitious, Jerry Larry. Jerry has made every mistake you can possibly make on LinkedIn. Dave will walk you through each error to entertain and educate your audience on the best ways to improve their LinkedIn profiles. Learn common mistakes and lesser known blunders you could be doing right now. Dave will leave the audience scrambling to check their LinkedIn profiles (and some quickly updating theirs too).

Social Media Secrets

Social Media Secrets

There is no denying social media is here to stay. Smart businesses are capitalizing on social media by and interacting with their customers and growing their online communities. In this presentation, Dave will reveal tips, tricks and secrets he has learned in social media marketing for over a decade. 


“Dave spoke to over 1,200 college students at the annual American Marketing Association’s International Collegiate Conference. Keeping the attention of college students is a very hard task — let alone keeping the attention of 1,200 students. However, Dave did just that. His talk was perfect for the audience. Clearly, Dave is an expert in his field and was a great asset to our students at the conference. I recommend him for other speaking events!”

— Tim Birrittella, American Marketing Association

“Dave was the speaker at our Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Tennessee Chapter's March 20th luncheon and he was awesome. We had record attendance and the membership really received some great nuggets of information to enhance their communication within business and in their personal lives. His relaxed style was great and he delivered his message with lots of humor. I have since heard several members say they are trying his techniques and having fun enhancing their personal communication with success. We are very happy we were able to work with Dave, you can book him with confidence.”

— Cory Brooks, Managing Partner, Specialty Planners International

“...enlightening and entertaining. I came away from the experience with some new insight and plan on implementing his “yes, and...” strategy for communications in all areas of my life. Also, his workshops sounded like a great way to improve the communication, and even culture, at any company.”

— Birdie (Sarah) Loeffler, Content Strategist, Knowledge Management Consultant

“Yes, he is a great speaker, and keeps the audience engaged. 
Yes, he is a fount of practical knowledge. 
Yes, he is great to work with. 

But in the year since his talk, let me tell you some other things. 

I’ve sat back and watched, and he truly lives and breathes what he preaches. He *IS* that good at networking, he *IS* on the money with his recommendations about building relationships. And he has shown the ability to take those lessons across many different realms, from seminars to books to podcasts. That is the true test of one who has mastered a skillset. He has mastered it, and knows how to evangelize it to a full team or organization. 

If you get a chance to work with Dave, you won’t forget it. And true to his mantra, he won’t forget you.”

— Isaac Pigott, Public Relations Society of America, PRSA Alabama

“He captivated an audience of more than 150 students for 45 minutes with networking tips as well as providing info on numerous resources (e.g., apps and websites) that students should check out and consider using. 

Dave’s presentation style was very engaging, using a nice blend of visuals, humor, and examples to which the audience could relate. Another observation of his presentation shared with me by a colleague was that Dave included several calls to action for the audience in his presentation. He did not simply lecture or talk about networking; he challenged the audience to use the techniques he presented. 

Perhaps the most telling indicator of the impact of Dave Delaney’s presentation on our students was the post-event feedback. Faculty heard several positive comments from students in attendance. Also, a student who I did not know stopped me in the hallway the next day (she recognized me from introducing Dave before he spoke). She told me how much she enjoyed Dave’s presentation. Dave’s expertise coupled with delivery style makes him an effective speaker. We would love to have him return to speak to our students in the future.”

— Don Roy, Marketing Professor, MTSU