Who the heck is Dave Delaney?

It’s taken me years to find out.

I teach fast-growing companies how to improve culture with effective communication. I do this by delivering Communication Mastery workshops, public speaking, writing, and coaching.

I’m known as a communication connoisseur because I’m obsessed with all aspects of communication. As a kid, I dabbled with CB radios and computer bulletin board systems (I just dated myself, didn’t I?). Both are forms of communication.

In college, I majored in radio and television broadcasting - communication. In university, I majored in business marketing - communication. I acted and graduated from studying improv comedy with The Second City in Toronto - communication.

My top Strength’s Finder personality assessment theme is (go ahead, guess…) COMMUNICATION. In case you’re wondering, the next are Consistency, Woo, Activator, and Harmony.

My book, New Business Networking, is about communicating with other professionals to improve your business and career. I co-founded two conferences, BarCamp Nashville and PodCamp Nashville (now Craft Content). I founded two monthly networking events, Geek Breakfast and Nashcocktail (acquired). Networking is all about communicating effectively, that’s why I also run Networking For Nice People.

I love helping people learn to communicate in person and online. I’m an early adopter of all forms of online communication. Blogging since 2004. Podcasting since 2005. LinkedIn since 1/9/2007, Facebook since 1/22/2007, Twitter since 2/8/2007, Instagram since 2010. I also have a weekly newsletter called The Nice Maker, where I share the nice stuff I discover online each week.

I’m still working on communicating better with our kids. Let me know if you have any tips. :)

Reach out and say hello or see what I’m up to now.

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