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What I'm doing right now*

Updated: September 2018.

• Absolutely loving working with Google as a Get Your Business Online trainer. Qualified organizations focused on helping small businesses can apply to book me to speak for your group for free. Sweet deal, right?

• Sharing the best stuff I discover with you each week in my Nice Maker Newsletter. Don't miss this.

• My Better Conference Networking Udemy course is on sale. Grab it now and save a couple of bucks.

• Improving culture and communication for businesses with my Communication Reboot workshop. 

• Providing small-medium sized businesses with digital marketing audits, recommendations, and consulting.

• Booking speaking engagements for the remainder of 2018 and going into 2019. 

• Continuing to write at Networking For Nice People. Exciting news is coming soon about this. My Nice Maker Newsletter subscribers will be the first to hear about it. 

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* Now page concept stolen from Paul Jarvis