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Hi, I’m Dave Delaney. I’m the author of the acclaimed book, New Business Networking, a trainer and workshop leader for clients like Google and FedEx, and a seasoned keynote speaker.

Have you ever done the math to determine the total cost of attending a trade show or conference?

It’s not just about showing off your latest and greatest products or services. Conferences are about the relationships you build and nurture. These relationships lead you to invaluable, new opportunities such as sales revenue, new hires, investments, media coverage, acquisitions, and partnerships. It’s about networking, nicely

Here's a rough estimate of how much it costs to attend a conference or trade show

Conference Ticket: $250 - $1,500

Flight: $500

Hotel: $250 (per night)

Meals: $100 (per day)

Entertainment: $100 (per day)

TOTAL: $1,200 - $2,450 (or more) per person.

Now multiple this figure by how many employees you have attending. Add your exhibitor or sponsorship fees to this sum. Sobering, right?

You are probably paying good money to send team members to conferences who don't have a lot of tradeshow experience and who are not necessarily expert at networking and communications. My workshop will set them at ease and give them the tools and tactics to man the booth like a boss! Even seasoned sales people will sharpen and expand their networking skills to make your next conference your most successful conference.

Better Conference Networking to the rescue!

I will teach your team members everything they need to know to network effectively before, during, and after a conference, so you will increase your return on your conference-going investment.

In this 3-hour/half-day workshop, I will teach your team to network efficiently and effectively. I will cover the following topics:

  • Why networking is key to your business.

  • What goals to set and how to set them.

  • Using “Yes, and” to lead with acceptance.

  • How to determine who you should connect with.

  • How and why you need to use LinkedIn to research and connect.

  • Using Twitter for research and to engage before, during, and after the conference.

  • Rehearsing your personal introduction (or elevator speech).

  • How to overcome the fear of talking to strangers.

  • How to actively listen to the people you meet.

  • How to follow up after the conference.

  • Business card etiquette.

  • Tips to remember names and read body language.

  • How to catch up months after the conference.


Dave is the Real Deal! His approach and knowledge made the time and investment pay off immediately. Yes, we give Dave as many “Thumbs Up” as we possibly can.
— Ginger Hardage, Former SVP of Culture and Communications at Southwest.
I’ve sat back and watched, and he truly lives and breathes what he preaches. He *IS* that good at networking, he *IS* on the money with his recommendations about building relationships. And he has shown the ability to take those lessons across many different realms, from seminars to books to podcasts. That is the true test of one who has mastered a skillset. He has mastered it, and knows how to evangelize it to a full team or organization. If you get a chance to work with Dave, you won’t forget it. And true to his mantra, he won’t forget you.
— - Isaac Pigott, Public Relations Society of America, PRSA Alabama.
You put your work and your life on hold to attend conferences and events — don’t waste the effort! The Better Conference Networking course will help your next conference become the one that catapults your career or pushes your business to the next level. Don’t go into your next event without the skills you’ll pick up in Better Conference Networking.
— Pamela Wilson, Founder, BIG Brand System.
If your company is looking for the best ways to employ digital tools for sales, marketing, and professional networking, Dave is your guy. He is a deeply experienced advisor who wrote the book (literally) on building your network.
— Steve Woodruff, author of Clarity Wins.
Dave is delivering practical, useful information here which is mandatory for sending a team to a conference or trade show. I found tips and strategies here that I can apply to any networking situation, and I considered myself an “old pro”!
— Vicky Knee, Vicky Knee Coaching.

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